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RAD Renovations helps facilitate accessibility renovations from start to finish, from residential homes to businesses and community centres.

Space Assessment

Review and assess physical space as per client’s needs and requirements, in line with standard accessibility codes and requirements.

Woman in wheelchair speaking with man at table
Business Accessibility Assessment

Funding Application Assistance

Organize and review your funding grant application(s) to potential funding programs, e.g., RAMP, SHARP, etc. 

CMHC (Canadian Mortgage Housing Corporation) Accessibility Attestation

Assess building blueprints, make accessibility recommendations and certify the CMHC Attestation form

Project Management Services
Accessibility Recommendation Report

Accessibility Recommendation Report (ARR)

Accessibility recommendations for your physical space in line with standard accessibility codes and requirements.

Renovation Coordination

Coordination of the entire modification process, including quotes procurement, contractor selection and oversight
of work done.

Project Management Services
Accessible Floor Plan

Blueprint Review

       Assess blueprints for recommended accessibility codes, dimensions and features. 

Design Drawings

Basic accessibility design drawing that can be utilized for your modification when working with contractors.

Design Drawings

RAD Renovations Application Form

To apply to the RAD Renovations Program please complete our application form.

Client Testimonials

“It just makes a person feel not so much dependent on everyone else just to be able to continue to live your life as an individual, the work you guys do is wonderful rather than be put in a home and forgotten about and separated. What would have happened during COVID? What would have that ever been like? I don't want to think about it. The work RAD does is worth every penny. The people they have working there know their stuff and know how to make people feel comfortable. It's been wonderful.”
RAD Client
“I don't have to go up the stairs anymore. I feel comfortable getting in the porch lift instead of having to climb up and downstairs. I don't need two people to help me balance anymore when I step up the stairs. I don't have to wait for help. Being able to leave the house has been so much easier. I still need someone with me, but I don't have to use the stairs. It's not putting the pressure on my husband as he was afraid to drop me. He feels I am much safer now.”
RAD Client

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